PyAppBar -- bug fix, nifty widget

Tim H tim.nospam at
Thu Jan 31 23:38:46 CET 2002

"Keith Farmer" <kfarmer at> wrote in message
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> I installed 2.2 (that was an adventure!) and have recompiled a
> 2.2-compatible dll.  It's available at:
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> Keith J. Farmer
> kfarmer at

When I run AppBarNotebook.pyw on Win2k sp2 other applications recognize that
the screen is smaller and don't maximize over top of it, i.e. it acts like
an appbar.  But when I close the AppBarNotebook, windows still thinks its
there as far as sizing windows is concerned.  For example when I maximize a
window it leaves the space where  the AppBarNotebook was.  Bug?

I closed the appbar by running sys.exit() in one of the interpreters that is
embedded in the AppBarNotebook.

Tim H

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