xmlrpclib and mx.DateTime

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Jan 30 03:04:11 CET 2002

    Chuck> Does anyone have a patch lying about to make xmlrpclib and
    Chuck> mx.DateTime play nice together?

Something like this modified (and untested) xmlrpclib.DateTime constructor
ought to work:

        import mx.DateTime
    except ImportError:
        mx = None


    class DateTime:
        def __init__(self, value=0):
            fmt = "%Y%m%dT%H:%M:%S"
            if mx is not None and isinstance(value, mx.DateTime.DateTimeType):
                value = value.strftime(fmt)
                if not isinstance(value, StringType):
                    if not isinstance(value, TupleType):
                        if value == 0:
                            value = time.time()
                        value = time.localtime(value)
                    value = time.strftime(fmt, value)
            self.value = value

Skip Montanaro (skip at pobox.com - http://www.mojam.com/)

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