'Bad return' profiler assertion error in python 2.2, worked in <=2.1

Tim Peters tim.one at home.com
Thu Jan 24 20:33:22 EST 2002

[Matthew Mueller]
> [snip tale of woe regarding assertions in the profiler]

[Mark Hammond]
> I had the exact same problem - so I commented out the
> assertions, and it  worked fine.  I then promptly forgot about it :)

[Matthew Mueller]
> Unfortunatly, commenting the assertions out doesn't seem to be enough
> for my problem.

You've got a tough job.  Guido worked intensely to rework that code because
the sloppy former code computed dead-wrong statistics in real-life cases.
The asserts are in part documenting what needs to be true for the
calculations to be correct.  So the only approach that's going to work in
the end is to stare at the code until you gain deep understanding of how the
code works.  We also repaired inaccurate comments in the profiler, so don't
be afraid to read them <wink>.

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