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[hosting woes]

> Oh, and any suggestions for dealing with the people on that end who
> don't want to help?  So far, I've basically been told I'm an idiot
> for even trying to write my own cgi script (I took a couple of days
> to simmer down before I answered...the saving grace was that he
> admitted he didn't know the first thing about programming).
> And now, I think I shall celebrate this beautiful Saturday evening
> with some Spam.  Or, since there's none of that in the house, I'll
> settle for potted meat <shudder>.
Do not pay your hosting bill. They have not delivered what they promised. Of
course, if you paid a year up front to get a deal you now understand why
this works in their favor rather than yours. I still think you have a valid
claim for a refund, though. They clearly do not know what they are doing,
even though they are minimally geared to "try and help".

Run, do not walk, to

where you will find a hosting service that does understand Python, writes
their own systems in it, and will give you non-condescending advice when you
need it.

Disclaimer: I host with them, and they are a client.

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