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> I'm having a problem with an application using BaseHTTPServer.
> Certain results coming from one method in the application will
> cause a reset at the tcp level.  This is causing great headaches,
> for in IE 5.0, the user is simply warned of the connection reset
> and left at that.
> IE 5.5 however, upon receiving the reset, will rePOST the
> request.  Soetimes it even does a third resubmit, only as a GET
> request.  !?!?!?!?!?
> The behavior is repeatable.  The response data is html, with
> proper headers, content-length, etc.  Python is v2.1.1, and OS is
> RH Linux 6.2.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!
It's probably line 3 of your method terminating the output early :-)

A little more context might be helpful in debugging this problem. Are you
absolutely POSITIVE that the Content-Length: header is correct? I've seen
this odd behavior from IE in the past, and ISTR it was associated with
output length.

Anyway, perhaps if we needed our psychic powers less, we could be more

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