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> > Suggestion #2:  Add new built-in functions:  xmap, xfilter, and xzip.
> >
> For what it's worth, there's already an xmap implementation in C in one of
> the mxTools packages - I'm not sure which one it ended up in when Marc
> reorganized. I wrote it quite a while ago (back in the 1.4 timeframe I
> think).
> -Chris

If it was written in the pre-generator days, would it use __getitem__(self,
to create something iterable?  Also, does it consume its inputs lazily?

I'm especially interested in knowing whether people like and use your
function from mxTools.  If there is much interest, it might be time for
a generator version and to extend the result to xfilter() and xzip().

Raymond Hettinger

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