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Terri Van Why terri_vanwhy at lycos.com
Sat Jan 12 21:55:31 EST 2002

My name is Terri. You don't know me but I live in Rochester Hills, MI.
I know that you are quite busy, as are we. We are swamped with requests 
for information and are only looking for people who are serious about 
their financial future. So you can rest assured that you will get no hype 
or high pressure from me to join our business. 
We don't need everyone, just those committed to their financial future.
I'll make you a promise? I am NOT going to try and sell you anything,
ask for any money or require you to make a decision? My objective is
to provide you with honest information that will allow you to make an 
informed choice. 
ONE THING I WON'T DO is insult your intelligence with a get-rich-quick
hype. A successful business requires integrity, fortitude, commitment and 
a sound business model. This is precisely what our business can guarantee.
I know you are probably getting a lot of e-mail from
network-marketing companies promising you the world.  But which
opportunity is the right one for you?
I don't know.  It's up to you.  It depends on what you are looking for.
If you are looking for?
* A team of people to work with that care about you and want
you to succeed?
* A high-demand, consumable product that people would love to use
(and possibly you too!)?
* An opportunity to work from the comfort of your home making
the income you desire while avoiding the hassles of planes,
trains and automobiles?
* A serious, immediate and high income ($1000 - $3000 for each sale!). 
A very part time effort will result in an extra $5000 per month...
Then, perhaps we can help!
Sound interesting?  
Well, it certaintly caught my attention! 
We have taken a team approach to network marketing.  Our
team is a group of everyday people who have come together to form an
outstanding, high performance, network marketing team with a HEART.  
Through a caring and connected network, we help each other achieve
our individual, personal, professional and financial dreams.  
No other company can help you achieve optimum health, put you on the
path to financial freedom and give you the freedom to choose how to
spend each hour in your day.
Some of the benefits of being a member of our team include access to
the following: 
* Proven Marketing System
* One-on-One Phone Training
* Live Phone Support From Professional Networkers
* Top Qualified Leads to Jump Start Your Business 
* EZ Sell Marketing System That Does the Selling for You
* Marketing Kit for building your business
* Customized Marketing Web Sites
* Recruiting System in Place to Help You Success
Wiith All of this power bhind us, are you curious
about what product we chose?

Call me today and ask me how you can receive $1000 in cash and a free vacation for two! 
Terri Van Why
mailto:terri_vanwhy at lycos.com  
(248) 844-1212 Home Office

Where would $5,000+ per week take you?
Find out now: http://www.powerbiz.net/vanwhy

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