[ANN] Pyreverse-0.1

Stefan Lecho stefan.lecho at belgacom.net
Thu Jan 10 03:04:13 EST 2002

Using Pyreverse-0.1 results in the underneath listed traceback.
Printing out the value of 'source.getByteStream().read()' gives me the
class I would like to reverse. It seems that the problem is related to
the parser.suite(xxx) call.

Traceback (most recent call last):
line 116, in _parse_all
line 128, in _parse
    ast = parser.suite(source.getByteStream().read())
parser.ParserError: could not parse string

Environment: WinNT - Python2.1

alf at leo.logilab.fr (Alexandre Fayolle) wrote in message news:<slrna3nu3m.1iq.alf at leo.logilab.fr>...
> >Pyreverse home: http://www.logilab.org/pyreverse/
> The files on the ftp server were corrupted during the upload. I've uploaded
> them again this morning, and checked that they would unpack correctly.
> Please check it again if you had problems with the tarball yesterday.
> Alexandre Fayolle

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