SOAP server in Python

Alex Martelli aleax at
Tue Jan 22 18:14:34 CET 2002

"Dale Strickland-Clark" <dale at> wrote in message
news:kqlq4u0h9704s8ij6rv4mlnch77jhgievj at
> We are shortly to embark on a project that is SOAP based.
> What's the start of the art with Python SOAP modules?
> Anyone any experience or recommendations?

I don't have an answer, but I'd also appreciate advice.  Specifically,
in my case, part of the specification is that both a server and a
client for the given service be written with Microsoft's tools (IIS5,
VC++6, and Soap Toolkit, each in the latest patch/release).  I'd like
to be able to add Python implementations of the same service (able to
use the same .WSDL), both server and client, as I believe this will
*GREATLY* ease development and debugging -- but interoperability with
Microsoft's stuff is a must this time (sigh).

Any suggestions?


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