Python MSVC++ binaries considered evil

Cliff Wells logiplexsoftware at
Fri Jan 25 00:00:36 CET 2002

On Thu, 24 Jan 2002 17:16:17 -0500
Tim Peters wrote:

> [J.Jacob]
> > ...
> > I was hoping the core Python developers would post a reaction as to if
> > they have any plans or ideas to free Python from MSVC++.
> PythonLabs has no Windows plans beyond keeping the status quo in working
> order, and no bandwidth to think about MSVC alternatives.  So support for
> alternatives will have to originate from, be resolved within, and
> implemented by the community.  Windows volunteers have been
> rare over Python's lifetime, so I don't offer much hope except in special
> cases (for example, Jason Tishler and the Cygwin folks have been doing a
> great job for that platform; we rarely get Borland patches).

And I imagine at least part of the reason for Windows volunteers being rare
is not many of them have a C/C++ compiler that they can use to compile
Python.  Perhaps if the Windows port were decoupled a bit from VC++ (or at
least some Makefiles provided for FreeBCC) that situation would change for
the better. Or maybe not.  It may be more of a mind-set difference between
Unix-types (who are used to building from source and fixing/reporting the
occasional platform-dependency issue) and Windows-types who expect
InstallShield to do it all for them.

Hrm.  I may have to download FreeBCC and see for myself how much trouble it
would really be...

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