Mysterious delay in Python module loading (fwd)

Tim Peters at
Tue Jan 8 23:29:51 CET 2002

[Bob Kline]
> ...
> I have made some progress in my debugging of the problem.  In fact it
> appears that the problem stems from a wide discrepancy in the amount of
> time consumed by a call to fopen() on the two machines.  A test repro
> written in C with loops to repeatedly attempt to open the files that
> Python was trying to open while searching for the module files runs in
> under 6 seconds on the development machine, and 382 seconds on the
> second machine (some of the fopen calls succeed, most fail, as is the
> case when Python is doing its search for the modules).

Are you running a virus scanner on this machine?  Some interfere enormously
with file operations.

> ...
> The only remotely likely possibility that comes to mind at this point in
> the game is something to do with screwed-up ACLs.

Whatever it is, it's not Python <wink>.

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