COM specific stuff usable by Python : Appropriate Place to Post??

Bo Vandenberg bosahv at
Thu Jan 10 10:37:02 CET 2002

You might approach the owner of the Python for Delphi Page:

incidentally its been brought up to python 2.2

"Michael Kelly" <mkelly2002NOSPAM at> wrote in message
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> I mentioned a while ago that I had an Automation Inprocess Server
> that encapsulated Delphi's TIniFile that's usable on Win32 by any
> language that can do COM IDispatch.  I now have an HtmlHelp to
> go with it and it seems pretty stable so I think it's ready to post
> someplace.  Since it's not Python specific I'm not sure the most
> appropriate place.  Anyone know of Win32 or COM specific online
> repositories of interest to Python folks??
> Mike
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