Validating EMailAdresses for syntactical correctness

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Mon Jan 28 12:56:09 EST 2002

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Alexander Skwar  <ASkwar at> wrote:
>So sprach =BBMark McEahern=AB am 2002-01-24 um 10:26:36 -0800 :
>> Level 5:  Make sure the address itself is valid (resolve the mx record and
>> test the address via smtp).
>This won't work.  A lot of the huge providers (AOL, T-Online...) always
>give a true result here, even if the adress does not exist.  This is
>also done for anti-spam measures, because if a spammer could so easily
>check if a given adress exists, it would help him.
... and, as someone else posted, even if MX resolves
to an address that is unreachable, that doesn't mean
the address is necessarily wrong--it could just be
temporarily off-line.

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