Classes & Instances

Roman Yakovenko romany at
Wed Jan 2 14:42:20 EST 2002

May be this will be helpfull for you
>>> class Obj:
	def Class(self):
		return Obj

>>> f = Obj()
>>> f_class = f.Class()
>>> f_class
<class __main__.Obj at 0x0092C7D8>

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Subject: Classes & Instances

We all know that you can't use classes without instances. 

Now, for the problem. How do I get a class, so that when an instance
is made of it, the class records the instance's name to a list.

class a:

f = a


how do I get f into a list. And remember, my goal is _flexability_ so:

class a:

f = a

foolist = ['f']

Will NOT work for my goal, but, if let's say there is a function,

class a:
     foolist[:-1]=TakeInstanceName()#This function takes the Instance
name      #  whenever the class is refered to

f = a

#Now after that, foolist should have ['f'], but, my question is, what
IS the #function that would take the TakeInstanceName()'s place?

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