[pxdislin/DISLIN] Making the axis invisible

Louis Luangkesorn lluang at northwestern.edu
Mon Jan 14 18:28:24 CET 2002

[This did not seem to go out a couple of days ago so I'm resending it.]

Potentially a wild goose chase, but DISLIN does not seem to have a 
mailing list.

Is there a way to hide the axis in a DISLIN generated figure?  For 
example, on O'Reilly's OnLAMP site
The code below draws a line drawing of a house.  What I want to do is 
draw the house, but without the x and y axis that is drawn.  I've 
thought that if I removed the


line that may do it, but I find that pxDislin requires this.  I'vle also 
tried setting
axis(color = 'BACK')

but that did not seem to do the trick either.  Any ideas?   I can work 
with either DISLIN (from Python, of course) or pxdislin.

from pxDislin import *
from Numeric import *

plot = dPlot()
axis = dAxis(-20,20,-20,20, color = 'BACK')
axis(color = 'BACK')

house_pts = array([[5,5,-5,-5,5,4,4,2,2,5,5,0,-5],

house     = dMultiLine(house_pts[0],house_pts[1])
box_pts = array([[-10,-10,-5,-5,-10],
               [-10, -5, -5,-10,-10]])
box = dMultiLine(box_pts[0], box_pts[1])

line = dVector(-5, -5,5,-10, color = 'blue')

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