49 new online articles about Python since Xmas

Ron Stephens rdsteph at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 5 20:09:08 EST 2002

I just ran Hans Nowak's mygale.py and the search found and linked to 49
new online articles about Python since Xmas. I put up the new list of
links, with of course the newly dated ones at the top of  a the list of
thousands of articles going back in time, at the Python City site at

We are thinking about a way to get the online list of links updated once
a day, automatically. Meanwhile I will try ot put up an updated list at
least once a week, if not more often. Does anyone know of an easy way to
run a process (on Windows) at a set time each day?

You can also download the source code and run mygale for yourself at any



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