Javascript(long shot)...

Gillou nospam at
Wed Jan 16 09:12:14 EST 2002

Browsers are not servers but client...
A web server can't (whatever's the technology) raise javascript events.
Workaround: do applets that open socket listening to the server. But AFAIK,
there's no possible callback to the javascript "document"  object.
Post this to comp.lang.javascript newsgroup. You'll certainly get better
answers than mine.


"Vincent A.Primavera" <vincent_a_primavera at> a écrit dans le
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> Hello,
> I know that I am probably going out on a limb here...  But, does anybody
> know how to simulate/trigger javascript events with httplib or the like?
> --
> Thank you,
> Vincent A. Primavera.

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