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"Peter Hansen" <peter at engcorp.com> wrote ...
> Jason Orendorff wrote:
> >
[ways to find IP addresses with multiple interfaces]
> This finds the interface for the first default gateway.
> Although it's probably an error, multiple default
> gateways might be configured (especially when people
> have dial-up connections which are configured wrong,
> or VPN adapters).  And when this happens, I believe
> Windows takes the *last* of the default gateways listed.
> (Or maybe it uses the cost metric to decide which to
> use, although maybe they can be the same...)

It's actually a non-compliance for an IP implementation *not* to accept
multiple default routes, AFAIK. For example, if a system has interfaces to
two different networks, you can put a default gateway on both and everything
continues to work if one network or router goes down. Of course you can end
up with a lot of host-specific routes that way, but what the heck.

For extra marks, explain why "default gateway" data in Win98 is
per-interface, whereas DNS data is global.

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