Autocoding project proposal.

Delaney, Timothy tdelaney at
Wed Jan 30 05:31:45 CET 2002

> From: Timothy Rue [mailto:threeseas at]
> On 29-Jan-02 11:06:40 David Masterson <dmaster at> wrote:
> >>>>>> Timothy Rue writes:
> >> On 28-Jan-02 13:26:36 David Masterson <dmaster at> wrote:
> >>> These are the things you'll need to take into account in 
> developing
> >>> a new language (or get others to help you develop it).
> >> Well since the VIC is not a language I don't suppose I need be
> >> concerned about such things as the things you presented.
> >Of course its a language.  As you've already stated, it's a language
> >consisting of 9 commands.
> I didn't say that.
> [snip]
> But this that I'm on about, the definition stays as is, 
> though the word or
> symbol sequences attached to the definitions are open to be changed.

OK - I give up too. I've done my best to understand what you're going on
about, but so far as I can tell, everything you say means nothing. Seriously
- I don't think I've read a single thing from you that, once you remove all
the double-talk and nonsense, actually means anything.

I have just added you to my killfile. Any post from you will now be
automatically deleted.

Tim Delaney

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