OT again... is there an IMAP expert in the house?

Gerhard Häring gh_pythonlist at gmx.de
Mon Jan 28 11:27:55 EST 2002

Le 28/01/02 à 07:24, Chris Gonnerman écrivit:
> Urrr... it doesn't solve my problem.  Maybe IMAP isn't the solution either.
> The customer(s) I am trying valiantly to support want to be able to share
> a mailbox *concurrently*.

As usual, the customer is the problem :-( 

> The Mercury and UW servers don't seem to work that way.  I haven't
> studied the protocol so I don't know if it is even possible.  I have
> tried (with both servers) running two concurrent mail clients
> (Netscape 4.75 and Outlook Express 5) connected via IMAP to the same
> mailbox, and deletions in one program are not reflected in the other
> even if I force synchronization; but stopping and restarting the
> clients causes changes to take place.

That's by design. You need to "expunge" the mailboxes to "commit" the
deletion. Unless expunged, the messages only carry a "deleted" flag if I
see this correctly.

If using Netscape, look into some options in the advanced IMAP dialog.
I'd check the following:

[x] Remove it immediately
[x] Clean up all folders on exit

Also try to set the mail check interval to 1 minute.

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