What does Python fix?

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>Courageous <jkraska at san.rr.com> writes:
>> The notion that these LISP zealots can't wrap their
>> fantatical little minds around is the possibility that
>> large numbers of programmers, upon encountering LISP,
>> actually hate it. Or worse, use it for a while, and
>> then learn to hate it.
>I don't know; I think most programmers are simply far too conservative
>and too intolerant of superficial syntactical features.  Witness how
>much flak Python, an otherwise fairly conventional languages, takes
>for its one unconventional feature, indentation.  With this attitude,
>Lisp with its parenthesis-heavy syntax doesn't stand a chance, no
>matter how good or bad the language itself is.  

The "intolerant" clause I get, but not "too conservative"; Lisp is one
of the oldest computer languages.
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