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Wed Jan 16 15:20:15 EST 2002

Arg, I had a really long message, but it hasn't been sent.

Ok i'll explain short now:

I want my script to ask some questions, write the answers to some 
config files for an external program, start this immediately by 
sending an ENTER input to the application.
And after this the program should wait for a (socket?)request from a 
server, and then exit.

Any idea how i can do this:)?

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Thanks for the Tkinter answer. is there a reference to all 
tkinter functions? (sorry, how can i change the title of the window?)

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> >is it possible to switch to different applications and send 
> >inputs to the os?
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> I gather you're operating under Windows.
> Yes and no.  I don't find the question coherent.  I think
> you're asking for something like this:  you launch a Tkinter
> application.  It has an associated console which prompts for
> statements.  Now, you want to create a different application
> which will send input to the console?
> There's actually a technical possibility for achieving that--
> but it's far more difficult than I think you intend.  What do
> you *really* want?  Are you really just after a convenient
> interprocess communication (IPC) method, and not entirely com-
> mitted to seeing statements in an distribution console?
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