Patch with mem leak fixes for Python 1.5.2

Aahz Maruch aahz at
Thu Jan 24 19:51:48 EST 2002

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MShyam <yajurveda at> wrote:
>We're using Python 1.5.2. We notice some leaks when Py_CallObject() or
>Py_CallObjectWithKeywords() is called. However, this doesn't appear to
>occur everytime this is called (for the same function).  We're yet to
>come up with a stand alone test case.
>But just curious, have any mem leaks been plugged for Py 1.5.2? Are
>there patches available for this?

The likelihood of patching 1.5.2 is pretty close to nil at this point.
Probably the most stable release of Python currently available is 2.1.2.
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