shell.pyd/pythoncom23.dll problem

Günter Szolderits g.szolderits at
Mon Jan 7 02:11:54 EST 2002

"Mark Hammond" <mhammond at> wrote:
> Guenter Szolderits wrote:
> > In c:\winnt\system32 I have only pythoncom22.dll. I checked my dll and
> > files with the Visual Studio Dependency Checker and found out, that
> > shell.pyd needs pythoncom23.dll.
> *sigh*.  It is a problem with 142.  A new shell.pyd can be found at

Thanks Mark. Sorry for not telling you that most other pyd-Files need
pythoncom23.dll, too.

adsi.pyd, axcontrol.pyd, internet.pyd mapi.pyd, exchdapi.pyd, exchange.pyd

I don't use them, just want to let you know that others may have problems
with them.


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