Mysterious delay in Python module loading (fwd)

Jason Orendorff jason at
Tue Jan 8 21:05:17 CET 2002

> I tried breaking down the load times for the separate Python modules, to
> see if one of them were doing something differently from the others, but
> the extra load time seems to be spread out fairly evenly between them,
> making it look more like a problem with the module loading or finding
> process, rather than an anomaly with one of the individual modules.
> PYTHONPATH is identical on both machines.  All of our own Python scripts
> are byte for byte identical.  All of the .pyc files for our own scripts
> have been recompiled on the machine using them.
> I have confirmed that none of the locations in sys.path
> are out on a network (they're all on the local hard disks).

Rats.  I was thinking maybe something in sys.path was a CD-ROM
drive, or some kind of removable media that takes a moment
for the OS to check.  Oh well.

Anyway, what exactly is the value of sys.path?  If you
set it to just [ "C:\\Python22\\lib" ], plus the specific
other directories you need, does that help at all?

## Jason Orendorff

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