if as an operator?

Giorgi Lekishvili gleki at gol.ge
Fri Jan 11 03:01:16 CET 2002

I never need to a help in getting the latest developments in my field,
but programming is another area.

Python is loved among computational chemists and chemometricians for its
elegant simplicity, yet being very powerful in data handling, and all I
know is __built_in__ and Numeric+SciPy+MMTK:)))

That's why I ask so many simple questions:)

I much appreciate the help from this newsgroup, and I think I can
contribute in reward making Neural Networks and data Analysis stuff.


Alex Martelli wrote:

> "Giorgi Lekishvili" <gleki at gol.ge> wrote in message
> news:3C3E3C21.27A5A1D8 at gol.ge...
> > Is this a novelty of Py2.1? I still have Py2.0:(
> > there operator.eq or others, doesn't work:(
> Then you need to upgrade (may as well upgrade to 2.2 once you're
> at it).  As you're proposing additions to the language, it's best
> to check the latest release thereof, right?
> Alex

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