Anything similar to definition file?

Ozone Hole near South Pole ozonehole2k at
Thu Jan 17 03:23:21 CET 2002


I am writing a robot controlling script in python.  The status info of
the robot is stored as in a list: [ [rec1], [rec2],.... [recN] ]
In each rec, rec= [ sampleID, pos_x, pos_y, pos_z, force_r, force_t,

As the program is reasonable large, the algorithms are broken into a
number of files. To make the code a bit easy to read, I would like to
refer say, the y-pos at the 2033 rec as rec[2033][pos_y], rather than
rec[2033][2] #pos_y.

At this moment, I need to include the following header to each file:
#record fields
sampleID,pos_x,pos_y ...=0,1,2 .......

Does python have anything similar to a header file in C such that I
can do,
say, import myConfig, in each my file instead of repeating the above n


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