large arrays in python (scientific)

Travis Oliphant oliphant at
Wed Jan 9 15:30:07 EST 2002

> I'm new to python programming.  I was hoping I could get some feedback
> about some difficulty I'm having
> creating a large array in python.
> I have a data set that contains values for positions in 3D space.
> There are about 2 million data points
> (128x128x128).
> I'm trying to fit a function to the data. I want to use the
> LeastSquaresFit procedure in ScientificPython,
> which takes an array of elements of the format:
> [[(xposition1, yposition1, zposition1), value1],
> [[(xposition2, yposition2, zposition2), value2],
> ...,
> ...,
> ]

Why aren't you using Numeric to store this data?  What function are you
fitting.  I bet you could use the LinearAlebra.linear_least_squares
function to do the job and Numeric arrays.


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