Breaking out of nested loops

Skip Montanaro skip at
Sat Jan 12 09:55:40 EST 2002

    Tal> One feature I miss in python is the ability to break out of nested
    Tal> loops....  The two solutions I've seen -- raising an exception, or
    Tal> putting the loop inside a function and using the return statement
    Tal> -- are unintuitive...

    Tal> Know if anyone has drafted a PEP for a syntactic solution for this
    Tal> problem?

Well, if there was a PEP, you'd know where to find it:

:-)  (I don't think there is one.)

This topic comes up periodically without a clear resolution.  Not as often
as the indentation thing, but more frequently than implicit "self" arguments
to methods.  Try googling for "break nested loops" at

You might also consider writing a PEP that at least summarizes what you
find.  I'd suggest you consider documenting more than just breaking out of
nested loops:

    * alternative looping proposals

    * named blocks

    * inline functions

    * breaking out of nested loops

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