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Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jan 28 01:08:23 EST 2002

Timothy Rue wrote:
> On 27-Jan-02 17:05:23 Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:
> >Christopher Browne wrote:
> >> It sort of looks like the denizens of comp.sys.amiga.misc drove him
> >> from there, and he as a result headed to comp.lang.python and
> >> gnu.misc.discuss to spread his "vision."
> >I dug up pieces of the sordid history with the Amiga newsgroup, but
> >I didn't find evidence that they actually drove him out.  Do you have
> >any details on how that process worked, or are you just guessing?
> >That information may become more relevant after a while....
> Why the negative connotation Peter?

It wasn't supposed to be just a "connotation", it was supposed to
be outright negative.  The reason for the negativism is that I see
you as promoting a ludicrously simplistic concept, which you've been
promoting for, what, a decade, without success, with the stated 
intention of basically getting others to do the work involved, and
at the same time anyone suggesting your ideas are flawed (or even
mind-bogglingly unclear) is ridiculed as being unable to comprehend
the brilliance of your vision.  And all this with abominable
writing which could at least be substantially improved if you 
learned to use a spell-checker.

> In essence, there really is little future left in the old amiga and the
> new stuff is clearly so closed system oriented in one way of another that
> It is not appealing.
> The python newgroup is because after alot of research, it shows the most
> promise in various areas, such as cross platform compatable, it's GPL
> compatable and it's open source.

Well, at least you show good taste.  The Amiga has a solid place in 
history as so far ahead of its time it's questionable whether it
has even yet been entirely outdone.  And those of reading this
in comp.lang.python could hardly argue about "the most promise",
so you're on the right track with the kind words now... :-)


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