The (superlow)quality of software (was Re: Python Popularity: Questions and Comments)

Chris Barker chrishbarker at
Fri Jan 4 23:21:51 CET 2002

Cliff Wells wrote:
> Oleg Broytmann <phd at> wrote:
> UNIX has usability problems; UNIX lacks
> standard
> > desktop and office suite.

There is a big distinction between technical merit, and marketing/market
issues. There is no reason that *nix is not technically capable of being
as (or more) usable thatn windows (Maybe Apple will do it!). The lack of
a "standard" desktop or ofice suite is also about the market, and isn
some ways it is a good thing. Having a "standard" be a propriatary
product controlled by one company is not a good way to develop inovative
new technology.

> > hate it, because I am afraid of its power. But it's still *the* name).
> Agreed.  However, that name means two different things to two different
> groups of people: to Microsoft's target audience it means ease-of-use and
> features (and unfortunately, they have a larger target audience); to people
> who manage networks it means reliability issues and inflexibility.

You forgot most people: It is what "everyone" uses. I doubt most Windows
users even knew they had a choice, or at least not a viable one, except
maybe the Macintosh.


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