Hooks (Re: What does Python fix?)

Pedro Rodriguez pedro_rodriguez at club-internet.fr
Tue Jan 22 16:29:20 CET 2002

"Max M" <maxm at mxm.dk> wrote:

> Pedro Rodriguez wrote:
>> Have you looked at what Aspect Oriented design aims at ? I recently
>> posted two messages on this topic, because I came accross the same
>> things that your are describing. Your function composition is refered
>> as an 'aspect'.
> As far as I can tell Zope 3 is going in the direction of aspect oriented
> programming.
> Here it is called components and interfaces, but AFAIKT it is more or
> less the same thing.
> regards Max M
I had a quick look at zope site, I saw a list of definitions for the
'component' and 'interface' words, but as requested by the BDFL, no
examples of how these concepts should be used. Any pointers ?

I don't think these terms may cover the same purpose, still I don't know
anything about Zope framework.

There was a post in this newsgroup (by George Young ?) on
Model-View-Presenter framework with two references. For me a 'component'
has more sense in this context, I interpret it as an
'Observer/Observable' object, being able to be plugged to other
components. As an 'Observable' component, it should describe its
'Interface', as an 'Observer' it must implement part or all the
'Observable' components it may be plugged.



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