Generic error handling

Alex Martelli aleax at
Sun Jan 13 17:10:49 CET 2002

Grzegorz Dostatni wrote:

> Hello...
> I am faced with working with a project in python where some of the code is
> loaded from a database.  When I get an exception from such code the
> initial line shows ??? as the original source.  Is it possible to a)
> include some info for traceback to show 

Yes, for example if you 'load' your code with builtin function compile.
it takes a 'name' parameter just for this purpose.  If you build the
runnable code up with functions from module new, similarly.

> b) catch the errors in a general
> way (no matter where they're execuded from) at an application level?

I think you're looking for sys.excepthook (it won't be there if your
version of Python is too old -- in this case, upgrade!).


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