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François Pinard pinard at
Wed Jan 2 09:39:25 EST 2002

[Mark Hammond]

> I am not too keen on this solution.  Python chose not to use latin-1
> for good reason, and while a PITA, I believe that explicit conversions
> are better in the long run.

Neither I am, yet reality is that a lot of code is not written to be widely
disseminated, and there is practical, in-shop Python code for many shops.

It is my feeling that Python seek for universality, which is undoubtedly
a good thing, does not enough take into consideration the needs of closed
teams.  For example, if a shop uses Latin-1 all over, internally, it is
just cumbersome and unneeded having to state it everywhere in Python scripts.

P.S. - It is also unwelcome and irritating, endlessly having to choose
between writing all identifiers in English, or having to drop the necessary
diacritics when writing identifiers, for Python code meant to be local.
I know some people that spend a long life programming, quietly, and very
usefully, with almost no knowledge of English, and a love of their own
native language.  I even admire some of them.  I believe Python could be
made more attractive to such people, and get a definite advantage over
other programming languages, by being more respectful to local habits.

The original goal of program internationalisation is localisation, I think
we are often loosing sight of this, even with Python.  Internationalisation
goal is not really to manage so English is used internationally :-).

François Pinard

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