port doubling (or...)?

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> thanks,
> have 
> it's a sever emu for uo, and i'm afraid, i can't change the port
> (would be easier). the server does not handle all incoming packets, 
> so: lack of features. but i know the packet descriptions and 
> formats... so i could add this myself. the server has a sendpacket 
> command but not a receivepacket loop or something:( so i would need 
> to be able to accept connections on the same port, and if they are 
> unknown packets, they are handled by my server script.
> like if packet = "BA97..."

can you run the server on a diffrent port? you could filter incomming 
requests on your server running on the original port and just pass along 
the ones you not interested in to the original server.
this could also be done with two machines, without changing ports.

> thats what i want to do, i was told it is possible with socket 
> programming.

UPD and TCP protocols have their own numbering you can have a server of 
each family on the same port number.

> but i don't know if that is right for python too:)

python is usualy the right choice for anything....
> i'm quite a newbie, so can't imagine how i could listen on one port 
> with both servers.
> --- In python-list at y..., "Gillou" <nospam at b...> wrote:
>> First condition : your server engine must have 2 distinct IP addrs.
>> Second bind sockets of both servers to its own IP addr.
>> But it's easier to have 2 distincts ports.
>> Are the clients unable to change their request port ?
>> "maximilianscherr" <MaximilianScherr at T...> a écrit dans le message
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>> > how can i do port doubling?
>> > not sure if it's called like this, but i have server listening on
>> > port 5003 and need to have a script listen on the same port.
>> > possible? if yes, how?
>> > could you give an example?
>> >
>> > thanks,
>> >
>> > Max
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