Multiple pointers

Geoffrey Wilfart wilfartg at
Mon Jan 7 09:09:36 CET 2002

Carey Evans <careye at> wrote in message news:<87sn9j4x13.fsf at>...
> Actually, I'd create a new list from within wrapper(), and return it.
> With functions like PyList_SET_ITEM, this is actually considerably
> clearer than modifying an existing list.
> I'm assuming that the size of the data is known beforehand, since
> you're not passing any parameters to my_function() to say how big each
> list is.  In that case, this code fragment should get you started.

My problem was precisely that the size was unknown. Sorry I forgot to
However the data are formatted like strings and null-terminated, then
I can use this method.

Thanks a lot for your help


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