Perl code 37 times quickly than Python code??

Garry Hodgson garry at
Wed Jan 16 15:30:22 CET 2002

Toni Gaya wrote:

> And YES, this isn't a complete benchmark. But I think is a representative
> example. I like programing in Python, but it seems that Python people are
> always looking to speed things and do things in "strange forms or manner".

the responses i've seen haven't done things in "strange forms or
they've corrected a bug in your perl code, and used the more efficient,
more common range() vs. xrange(), thus correcting your "strange forms or
as andrew dalke has pointed out, it doesn't.

> Why a example as simple as that runs many times quickly in perl than python? it
> doesn't have explication. Two programs syntax are clear and simple....

as others have pointed out, they run at about the same speed.

> I expect this post will not to be a "war" between what language is better. I
> have write this article for make a better python, a quick python that don't
> need usage "strange syntax" (= bad programming) that people use to make quick
> programs.

it would appear that this is not a problem.

this kind of thing comes up all the time.  someone finds a code fragment
that runs faster in perl (or whatever), and posts a "why is python so
thread.  more reliable benchmarks suggest that python is on par with its
faster for some things, slower for others.  if you need speed, go with a
compiled language.

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