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On 24-Jan-02 02:28:07 Fernando Pérez <fperez528 at> wrote:
>Timothy Rue wrote:

>> Where to start?

>As you've already noticed from Kragen Sitaker's delightful post, you're not
>exactly getting a lot of sympathy in this forum. A hint, connected to the
>above question you ask: CODE. In places like these, code speaks vastly louder
> than words.

>I stand on the side of those who at this point consider what you're saying as
> fluff, but I'd be very happy to stand corrected by working code. Show us a
>*working* prototype of what you have in mind, something that demonstrates
>(even if it's rough around the edges) what you're thinking, what can be done
>along those lines and *what existing problems it solves better than the
>current tools*. Then you'll find that people magically begin listening to

>A few bits of history: Linus didn't talk about 'building a new operating
>system that would be free and better than windows and as powerful as the
>expensive unices and run on cheap pcs and make coffee and end world hunger
>and...'. He posted the code for the kernel. It was rough, but it worked. And
>it was interesting enough that others kicked in. Guido? No, he didn't talk
>about writing the umpteenth 'new language better than all the others'. He
>posted code that worked. The rest is history.

>In case it needs restating: talk is cheap. Code isn't. So if you care so much
> about this topic, you'll have to get it off the ground yourself, with code.
>If what you come up with is good enough, others will follow you. Otherwise it
> will whither and die in obscurity. It's called Natural Selection, it works
>for software just as well as for the slow zebras and the hungry lions.



What's the name of that childrens story about a chicken, mother hen, who
has this goal to make bread. But she ask all the farm animals if they
would like to help her plant the grain, then later when the wheat has
gown she ask them all if they would help her harvest the grain, than asks
if they would help her grind the grain, etc...

Each time she asks them, they all come up with an excuse not to.

But then she gets to baking the bread and the smell all the farm animals
could and all of them wanted some...

What is the name of the nursery story? Do you know?

Funny how nobody wanted to help, except when it was all done, but the
part about eating the bread.

But how will you really know how far it is, unless you investigate it
yourself?  And if you dont and then say what you have above, what am I to
think of you and those who follow the direction you have taken? You are
waiting for the bread to be baked and even taken out of the oven and
sliced up and buttered for you?

???? <shrug>

Oh wait, you don't like butter...????

Point is, what you are presenting me with, works both ways here.
read some of the other messages for links. Then go ahead and tell me it's
not enough for you.

I'm asking for help in creating this tool. If you are going to wait until
it's done, then what will you have to offer? Maybe your just an end user,
waiting to use it. And that's OK, because that's who this tool is also


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