Tkinter-Listbox and Unicode

Martin von Loewis loewis at
Thu Jan 24 09:40:23 EST 2002

Matthias Huening <mhuening at> writes:

> > might work - although this fails if one of the strings contains a
> > space in itself 
> Most of them contain spaces in itself...
> Seems that the combination Python/Tkinter/Unicode is near useless for my 
> purpose. 

I would not say that. For the few function calls that do use
splitlist, you can apply another work-around:

def uni_splitlist(tk, message):
        return tk.splitlist(message)
    except UnicodeError:
        result = tk.splitlist(message.encode('utf-8'))
        return [unicode(part,'utf-8') for part in result]

This does splitlist via UTF-8; it should work safely in all cases.

> What about the Unicode-support of other GUIs?

I think it is pretty weak. E.g. for Gtk, only Gtk 2.0 will support
Unicode throughout, and I don't know whether PyGtk has even cauhgt up.

PythonWin will work pretty well; Mark Hammond has spent much effort
into providing Unicode-safe APIs.


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