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>3) you really don't understand it.

I cheerfully admit that I don't understand it.

Now, could you be so kind as to help me figure out whether that's a problem
in your presentation, or in my interpretation?

>There are several places on my web pages to explain each of the nine
>commands in short general terms. There is also detailed descriptions of
>the commands in the form of what can be preceived as manual pages.

Look, you'll have to bear with me.  I'm a bit slow.  Can you give me a simple
English description of what one of these things does?  It's fine by me if it's
vague.  I mean, I'm fine with a description of a driver at the level of "it
handles interaction with the baby-mulcher", or something like that, but right
now, I haven't got *ANY* idea what *ANY* of these things do.

I tried reading the page, but your choice of vocabulary is stumping me.

So, let's say I had one of these programs.  Can I do anything with just one
of them?  Can it solve a problem for me?  Put this in simple terms; can you
show me a program for "find lines in this file containing the word foo"?

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