Autocoding project proposal.

Timothy Rue threeseas at
Mon Jan 28 10:56:21 EST 2002

On 28-Jan-02 08:52:51 Steve Holden <sholden at> wrote:

>The point being that you seem to have insufficient appreciation of language,
>and cannot understand what people say to you.....


I have communicated why I'm posting to this newsgroups.
Python is a cross platform GPL compatable programming language of which is
being used in this project.

Did you have a problem in understanding it?

If you are so concerned about traffic and bandwidth then don't contribute
to the negativity that you appear to be, given what is clearly opinions of
yours as to the validity of the project.

And there has been an over abundance of negativity that include
irrationality and illogical comments made by some who claim to be software
developers. That doesn't impress me and I don't now have the time for such
opinated attacked upon my person.

The project is the focus. It's in python.

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