Closed-source considered harmful (was: JavaScript considered harmful)

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Thu Jan 10 17:42:47 CET 2002

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> > > Once upon a time, there was a company that controlled the hardware and
> the
> > > software market. Although some people say that it induced a statsi of
> > > years, it was finally toppled.
> >
> > Interesting -- WHICH "twenty years" were the "stasis"?  Perhaps those
> > which saw the birth and wildfire-like spread of Unix, C, relational
> > database management systems, Pascal, interactive terminals, ... ?-)
> I will not engage in alternative history lines, but I think bad languages
> and bad computer architectures have prevailed for a very long time, even

Ah yes -- no doubt the emergence of VMS from Digital Equipment, Pascal
from Zurich ETH, Unix and C from AT&T, etc, were all due to that "company
that controlled the hardware and the software market".

> people knew better (*). Of course, the bad language problem has got even
> worse.

Indeed -- today, we're reduced to using Python... oh woe is me!


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