How easy is it to create graphical user interface with Python?

Kevin Altis altis at
Mon Jan 21 13:29:59 EST 2002

PythonCard which sits on top of wxPython, makes it really easy!

There are over 20 samples and a tutorial for the 'counter' sample that shows
you step-by-step how to recreate the counter sample. PythonCard includes a
resourceEditor sample that you use to build your layouts and menus. There
are other samples showing how to do drawing and graphing and it comes with a
BitmapCanvas component for double-buffered drawing.

You could use SciPy to do your graphs, displaying the
graphs in one window with your UI and menus in another window.


"Johan Trygg" <tnkjtg at> wrote in message
news:54d0b644.0201210149.5dd5bd5 at
> Hi,
> I am a complete beginner to Python, but I have heard many good things
> about it. I am thinking about creating a GUI software that will
> contain some linear algebra, 2D plots (scatter, histogram, line plots)
> and a nice GUI with menus.
> I am currently using Matlab to do this but does anyone have experience
> with Python to create such a software.
> Hope to hear from you soon,

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