Another question from the 'Learn to Program...' book:

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jan 16 14:25:04 CET 2002

Erno Kuusela wrote:
> In article <V8918.29890$uA.343738 at>, "Dan
> Hamm" <dan at> writes:
> | I copied the code example from page 95 (no errata sheet data on this):
> | import os, time
> | try: # initialize files and variables
> [...]
> | except:
> |     print 'ERROR: Failed to create new menu'
> | But when I run it, it just prints out the error message without modifying
> | the file.
> bare except: is bad for the reason you just discovered :) try taknig
> the code out of the try/except block and you'll get a better error.

Agreed, although easier to do than that, and requiring less reformatting
etc., is to insert "raise" after the print statement.


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