What does Python fix?

Tim Peters tim.one at home.com
Sat Jan 19 00:26:59 CET 2002

[Steven Majewski]
> ...
> When Dylan was being developed, there were plans for a Lisp-like
> S-expression syntax as well as the more C like algebraic syntax.
> They decided to drop the S-syntax -- to the annoyance of quite a
> few Lispers. I believe they decided that a two syntax language
> would not be 'stable' -- that eventually one would win out, so the
> picked the one they wanted to promote.

And Dylan's subsequent meteoric rise to world domination proved that the
"Lisp's problem is Lots of Insipid Stupid Parentheses" crowd was right all
along <wink>.

the-reason-lisp-excels-at-getting-ignored-isn't-skin-deep-ly y'rs - tim

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