cultural norms (was Re: What does Python fix?)

Mark McEahern marklists at
Fri Jan 18 14:29:32 EST 2002

Aahz wrote:
> You've posted enough that I think I don't really need to spell this out
> for you...

I try to provide context where appropriate and I do try to follow the
norms--where they make sense.  I also try to be open to correction.  I fail
sometimes.  Oh well.

> There's a big difference between the behavior one chooses in one's
> personal life (as exemplified by my .sig) and the behavior one uses in
> interacting with other people, particularly in public.  For example, I
> think that few people in this newsgroup would pay attention to a post
> written in Japanese.  Top-posting falls into the latter category.

I entirely agree.  I was merely trying to make the very simple point that
top-posting is not ALWAYS bad.  I probably didn't do this very skillfully
and now I tire of the discussion.

By the way, I enjoy your posts--you have the rare ability to be informative
and entertaining at the same time.

I meant no offense; I was just trying to have a little fun with your sig--my
tongue-in-cheek comment was not intended as some unassailable mountain of
cultural anthropological argument.  Or was it?


// mark

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