How to configure Python with IIS

DeepBleu DeepBleu at
Wed Jan 23 19:51:16 CET 2002

Please do your research on the subject using Google for example.  You'll
discover that there are many links on the issue.
Search web and groups for "Python ASP" for example.  Then if you encounter
problems, please ask.
One such link is:

For CGI, search for "Python IIS"
one link is:
You can associate any extension with the scripts as long as you are pointing
to the Python executable.  For example, I use CGP
The second link is missing one piece.  You also have to associate this
extension with the Python executable from the IIS manager.

"gtaker" <taker at> wrote in message
news:GqELwC.Csz at
> Can anyone direct me to a how to on configuring python with IIS5.0 I'm
> having problems understanding how to tell IIS about .cgi and how to use
> python with .asp
> Python 2.2.0
> win32all-146.exe
> htmlgen
> SOAPpy097
> Thanks

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