Python 2.2: segmentation fault in test_strftime

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Thu Jan 3 15:38:03 EST 2002

Carsten Gaebler wrote:
>after compiling Python 2.2 on Linux 2.2.19, 'make test' gave me a
>segmentation fault in test_strftime. I tracked it down to a problem in
>the calendar module:
>>>> calendar.day_abbr[2]
>Segmentation fault (core dumped)
>Any ideas what this could be?

I saw a similar problem with strftime a month or so back.  I
was able to reproduce it in straight C code.  The code was
written as documented and ran on other OSes, so I figured it
was a bug in glibc.  It worked on another glibc so I
concluded my library was probably out of date, but didn't
investigate further.

Don't have the machine handy to test your reproducible.

                    dalke at

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