Web site hosting supporting Python

Steve Holden sholden at holdenweb.com
Tue Jan 8 13:00:48 CET 2002

"Edward Diener" <eldiener at earthlink.net> wrote in message
news:3C3A30BF.2040209 at earthlink.net...
> Is there a list anywhere of web site hosts which support scripting in
> Python ? After learning Python over the past year or so, I want to use
> it to produce dynamic web pages for my web site and I just found out
> today that my web host does not support it ( I tried to argue him to do
> so but no go ).
I've just started using www.cornerhost.com and they are reasonab ly-priced,
friendly, helpful and knowledgable. They offer Python 2.0 and MySQL if you
want it, and use Python for their own systems.

I don't know whether they will give me anything if you mention my name, but
it can't hurt :-)


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