What does Python fix?

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Good points. This may be my last top post. I just have as much of an
annoyance with large chunks of quoted text as most probably have with top
posting. So I get annoyed with TOP POST! screamings. Since most of my
newsgroup reading lately has been from Google there is a reason the standard
style is irritating at times. My post was more tongue in cheeck about
wasting time with ettiquette screamings as it was expecting anyone to like
the style  prefer. I will make a real attempt to quote selectively and
inline from now on. Here I'm on Outlook Express, not sure how it will
format, so I'm still going to leave my text at the default top. It's not
important enough to care if anyone pays attention to me or not. (personal
emails are now up to 4-2 against my opinion. And one said they were
"INCREDIBLY offended!" Wow! I thought world peace was more important, I was

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> >Thank you Mark. I often read newsgroups through Google, as I am doing
> >now. I usually want to scream. "PLEASE TOP POST!" When I read a
> >newsgroup, I have already read the discussion. So I vastly prefer when
> >someone just puts their response AT THE TOP.
> Tell me, if you're not willing to follow cultural norms, why should
> people pay attention to you?
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